It was а life-long struggle for us – the search to find a tasty and refreshing drink, a drink that would make us feel good, a drink that would do no harm to us, our children and our loved ones.

We knew one thing for sure – sugary drinks are not an option, because we stand against empty calories. Neither will we settle for artificial sweeteners, because of their poor metabolic effect. And we certainly didn’t want to give a drink full off synthetics to our children!That’s when we decided to take our dream in our hands and bring it to life …



Our base 1 question was: can we make a beverage that contains no sugar and/or artificial sweeteners?We teamed up with some of the best food & beverage technologists аnd together we found the perfect alternative. A small amount of pure fruit juice gave us the best of both worlds – it did significantly optimize the calorie count and did not alter the taste of the main ingredients even the slightest bit. We were one step closer to the perfect drink – both sweet and tasty.


After we obtained the perfect sweetness with a natural approach, we vowed to continue our search for all-natural ingredients, opposed to artificial and caffeine-based beverages that abound today. We were inspired by the century-long traditions of our ancestors. We were mesmerized by their ability to conserve the best of nature’s gifts – fruit and herbs – in teas and infusions. We decided to do the same, so we developed recipes for tasty drinks, based on clean, locally-produced fruits and herbs.


This is how we approached the final sprint-line of our journey – we already had nature’s best packed-up in a bottle but needed a way to make it last. But how could we bottle a natural soft drink without using any preservatives or pasteurization whatsoever? When there is a will, there is a way… And we achieved it via an innovative technology process that spares all the benefits of our natural ingredients.


Please meet VIDAS – our honest, natural drink!

And you know what? This is merely the beginning …

We need you to continue writing this story with us. We need to convert more and more people to take the healthy leap, to be authentic, honest and respectful to their bodies and to consume authentic, honest and – of course – tasty drinks.

Together we will make a difference!

We will be the good example, showing that companies can and should actively work for the benefit of their consumers, their health and well-being. We are the consumers and we take our fate in our hands.

Try it and join us on our journey now!

Try it. Experience it. Share it.

VIDAS pop-up bar awaits you!